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Model Replicas - Plastic Horses

Hand Painted Replica Model Horses including the complete line of CollectA horses. Most are wonderfully hand painted and include a large variety of breeds and colorings.

We all love horses and know that our kids are has horse crazy as we are. Our Equestrian Toy Collection includes Model Horses and Horse Replicas that can stand up to actually being played with. Do your current horses have broken ears, tails, and legs, or worse? You wouldn't have those issues with solid construction in materials that will last for years.

All of our model horses are solid, not hollow, like others. Ever gone into a store and seen the "Don't touch" signs, here we say "please touch". Horses are to be ridden and toys should be played with. Explore the difference our Model Horse Replicas bring

Plus they are all beautifully hand painted! Fit for the collector or the very lucky child. I like to kept one on my desk near my computer so the horse is never far from my mind