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Plush Horses - Stuffed Horses

Extensive collection of quality plush horses, also known as stuffed horses, from quality folks like Douglas and Gund

Plush Equines presented by size

With so many horses, we present our stuffed horses by approximate size

3-D Horse Pillows

These pillows have plush horses in profile.


These slippers are adorable horse. For youth and adults.

Plush for Babies

These plush items are suited for the youngest horse person. Includes blankets shaped as a horse and Snugglers that are ultra soft and perfect for over the shoulder.

Children's Horse Backpack

Perfect for overnights with grandparents or any sleepover, these backpacks have plush horse features.

Special and Unique horses

Our fantasy horses have bright vivid colors and delightful added features like butterflies and hearts. Blanket Horses come with removable blankets that accent the character of each equine.

Sassy Saks purses with stuffed horses

Each Horse themed child's purse comes with an adorable removable pony or horse.