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Designs by Lisa - Horse greeting cards - whimsical horse art

A Letter from Lisa whimsical

Inspiration comes from all places and sometimes it is the deepest darkest moments where light, beauty and color come from. As an artist I try to see and remember the faces of the animals I had growing up on a farm. How they never judged and loved unconditionally. Animals never care how you draw them and there always is an expression of humor that I can see in each of their faces.

I started drawing back as early as I could remember doing paint by numbers and other art projects. Many times in class I would be called upon to draw something that my teachers couldn't illustrate. It was always a way to relax and calm my frustration or anxiety. I grew up second oldest of 7 kids on a 360 acre farm in Eatonville, which is at the foothills of Mount Rainier. The responsibilities of running the farm rest on the kids and the family. We all had chores and mine seem to include milking the cows.

College was an escape from milking and being told that I would never amount to anything as an artist I went to WSU with a scholarship in Food Science and Technology. I had always had a passion for food but continued with my drawing and sent home paintings which were entered into auctions and various arts and crafts shows and my business began. 1983 was when I first found my characters and they jumped onto the page and were later sold to loving customers. After getting my degree as a scientist and working in the field for a year I decided to make a full time career as an artist.

Since then I have done numerous arts and craft shows. Illustrated designs for State and local fairs across the country and have licensed my art out to numerous companies. I have come up with numerous designs, cards, products and prints that have enhanced everything from magnets to bobble heads. My biggest accomplishment was raising two great kids on my own that are now on their own and both with successful careers. Although I still have one at home he is on his way to being as great and wonderful.

I feel there is still so much more to do with my art and products, stories and stores that will welcome it. Any suggestions or comments are always welcome. And most of all I hope they bring a smile to you just as they have me.