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Gizaun Art ™ Collection of Outdoor Horse Images

This collection allows you to have your equestrian art outdoors.

Hard to believe but it actually looks better the longer you have it outside. The patent-pending process uses UV ink that protects the wood and creates an image that stays stable despite the weather. I was 1st drawn to the color and eye catching artwork. When Kim shared with me how their unique processed allowed these images to remain outside; I was sold. After 5 years outside their home, the artwork still retains its beauty. I can't image a barn or arena without one of these horse images.

As Kim shared about the unique art her and her husband produce, I was taken with several pieces. She shared the background of their running horses piece. The original photograph was taken by a friend of theirs in central Oregon, near Bend. As this heard thundered by, you can see the dust driven up by the power of their hoofs.


We stock many of their small to medium size horse themed artworks. Larger pieces are available as special order, typically taking 1 to 2 weeks for them to be produced. Being just down the road, we'll make sure its shipped as soon as available. Contact us for pricing and other options. We can even arrange to have your own art made into one of the unique artworks

This is art that’s unique. Gizaun Art’s cedar board canvases have their own individuality, supplied by Mother Nature. Every piece is unique and takes character from the wood canvases. Although printed, no 2 are the same.

Here are their answers to some frequently asked questions

If I keep it outside will the art fade or run? Our Ultra Violet inks actual help to protect the wood from nature's elements. This doesn't mean it won't ever change but it means it will change very, very slowly, Exactly how much and how fast your wood patinas will be determined by your region of the country and the art's overall exposure to the sun. Art in Phoenix Arizona will react different than art in Seattle Washington.

Why do you say that Gizaun Art becomes more beautiful with time? If placed outdoors, the cedar will silver to a glowing patina. Knots and wood grain will swell, adding texture and warmth, resulting in a truly unique piece of art.

How will cedar wall art look like in my home office? This full-color cedar art enhances any home or office, inside or out and bestows warmth, beauty and dimension on any space.

What if I have limited wall space? No wall space? Hang it outdoors. A small space? This art does double duty, acting as both a scenic element and an optical illusion that visually expands and enhances small rooms or backyards. Like to change things up? Move your indoor Art outside or your outside Art inside.

The Artisan is local to us near Portland, Oregon.